Aaron Beere

senior broker

Aaron has spent the past twelve years working in the insurance sector, both as a Business Insurance Broker and as a Life/Health and Mortgage Broker. He enjoys the challenge of the insurance industry where he is able to negotiate the best outcome for his clients. During his time in the industry, he has developed and maintained a great relationship with one of the major banks in addition to many other clients in both Hamilton and the greater Waikato Region.

Aaron is always willing to try new ideas and adapt to new ways of thinking. Having a young family at home ensures he’’s kept on his toes and is faced with regular challenges which often require patience, persistence and compromise in order to resolve. These are all skills which are easily transferred and used in the work environment.

Sport and fitness plays a big part of his life, which he feels contributes to his motivation towards building a great team spirit. He has achieved personal bests in various sports and his career so far, and aims to continue for this high standard in the future.