Frank works with transparency and openness, putting our clients at the heart of every decision. We work for you, never the insurer.

 The Frank approach

Frank Risk was created out of a desire to provide full disclosure insurance - no hidden income. Making our income open and transparent was a radically different way of doing things in the insurance industry at the time, and it's been working out well for our clients, we think. Add our technical expertise and industry experience to the mix and our service is hard to beat.

The industry has recognised Frank’s achievements – in both 2016 and 2017 Frank was awarded the NZ Small/Medium Broker of the Year at the annual Australia & NZ Institute of Insurance and Finance awards.

Frank is a Hamilton insurance broker with clients throughout New Zealand.


Our Strategy

No premiums are ever quoted on at Frank -   we sell risk management, insurance broking services, and claims expertise. The only thing we quote on is our service fee.

Claims management - we resource claims   more than our competitors – claims time is when the client sees the practical value of   their insurance. 

Planning for disaster - we aren't selling an 'insurance solution', but a wider process involving risk management and emergency preparedness.

A team approach - our brokers don't have sales budgets. The client benefits from a   totally team-focused approach, as brokers are not aiming for client ownership or chasing sales targets. 


choose your broker

Insurers offer their services to the client, not a particular broker. Appointing Frank as your broker will allow us to negotiate with all parties – including your existing insurers, and where necessary introduce you to new ones.

We won't quote on any premiums without being engaged as your insurance broker

Engaging us as your insurance broker gives us the authority to act on your behalf and allows us to present you with the most effective premiums and insurance cover available.  Without this authority we can't obtain terms from your existing insurer, or the entire insurer market.




 Frank makes insurance easy    


Frank Risk is more than just an insurance broker – we create our own insurance platforms for the benefit of our customers. Frankie ( provides simple, cost-effective cyber and management liability coverage. Initio ( is another client facing online platform for insuring houses, rental properties, and holiday homes.

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Insurance broking that comes with risk management

Frank takes a broader and more proactive view of risk management than is traditionally practiced by insurance brokers.  This includes providing tailored, cloud-based emergency response plans for clients, working closely with risk surveyors, and risk indexing the business. Insurance is just one part of a wider approach to risk management.


What does changing brokers mean for you?

Changing brokers doesn't mean changing insurers. The contract of insurance is between you and the insurer (not the broker and the insurer) and often these relationships are long standing and mutually beneficial.

The role of your insurance broker is to facilitate that relationship and includes:

  • Risk advice and insurance placement

  • Tailoring an insurance program for you in both New Zealand and world markets

  • Gathering and presenting accurate risk information to your insurers

  • Being your advocate with insurers in all relevant areas including claims


Our culture 

Frank is a Hamilton based commercial insurance broker that solves problems, get claims paid, and provide a risk management service.  Servicing our existing clients well matters most to us. We are quite deliberately over-staffed – reinforcing our approach to deliver on customer service, and being ready if clients in a certain region suffer a widespread loss. 




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