Material Damage Insurance

Cover for your business assets – buildings, contents, fixtures & fittings, machinery and equipment against destruction or damage.   Rather than the old fashion way of listing the perils insured (like fire, storm and earthquake) a material damage policy covers sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage on the basis that if it’s not excluded, then it’s covered. 


This policy aims to put you in the position that you were in before the event and is usually extended to cover money, transit risks and electrical damage (fusion).

Business Interruption Insurance

Also known as Loss of Profits Insurance, this policy aims to make up any income lost, and additional costs incurred while assets are being replaced or rebuilt. 

A critical element of any insurance program, particular attention should be paid to the sum insured calculation for both income and additional costs, and for which the policy will pay (known as the indemnity period).

Public Liability Insurance

Covers your legal liability for accidental damage to other people's property caused in the course of your business.  This policy may include:

  • Products liability.
  • Service & Repair of Vehicles, Watercraft or Aircraft.
  • Customers property in your care or storage.
  • Property being worked on.

It is important that liability policy reflects your business activities, accurately covering the goods, products or services you provide, wherever in the world you operate.

Statutory Liability Insurance


This policy is designed to help you defend yourself and your business for unintentional breaches of certain legislation or statue within New Zealand.   Cover extends to fines, penalties or reparations and legal expenses defending an action brought by a regulatory authority. 

Employers Liability Insurance


This insurance covers you for legal liability and associated legal costs for an injury to an employee (where not covered by ACC)

Cyber Liability Insurance


A broad cover designed to protect your business from the costs and losses associated with doing business online including sensitive data breaches, computer hacking, employee error and more.